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MM~LAW’s success in bringing banks and corporations that fund and equip terrorists to justice and securing compensation for victims of terror has made it one of the most successful anti-terrorism/human rights law firms in the world.  For his work in developing the legal theory and legislative solutions that have allowed victims of terror to hold the banks accountable that enable the funding of terrorists, MM~LAW Founding partner, Gavi Mairone, was recently named 2016 “Trial Lawyer of the Year.” 

Over the past 30 years, MM~LAW has grown from a firm focused on tax law and international commerce to one exclusively focused on applying that understanding toward defeating terrorism and the banking and corporate structures that enable it.  

In 2001, MM~LAW formed its human rights and counterterrorism research group, a unique research division dedicated to legal and operational research primarily in Arabic and Farsi, but also in English, French, German, Hebrew, Kurdish, Portuguese, and Spanish, tracing assets and international money laundering activities and documenting the financing of international terrorism, crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes, torture, human trafficking, and slavery. MM~LAW currently represents over 12,000 victims of such heinous crimes in complex civil suits against international financial and commercial institutions and rogue state sponsors of terrorism who are complicit with, participate in, enable, assist, aid, abet, finance or profit from such crimes.

MM~LAW was founded in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, as a law firm specializing in international and U.S. federal taxation, and international commercial and securities laws. Today, MM~LAW is dedicated exclusively to representation of victims of international terrorism, genocide, crimes against humanity, torture, human trafficking, and slavery. The firm also maintains offices in the Middle East and in East Africa.

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