MM~LAW represents over 12,000 victims of international terrorist attacks, chemical weapons attacks, torture, and crimes against humanity from over 26 countries. We target the corporations and banks that seek to profit by illegally supporting terrorists and warlords, using money intended to support terrorists to support their victims. All client engagements are made on a strict contingent, success-fee basis. All litigation costs are funded by MM~LAW and partner law firms. 

Major Current Cases


Injured Veterans case

Lawsuits on Behalf of Injured Veterans and Gold Star Families against the European banks that illegally helped fund the terror groups responsible for most of the casualties in Iraq


Kurdish Chemical Weapons

Lawsuits in France and Iraq against the corporations and key managers who conspired with, aided/abetted and were complicit in the genocidal attacks with chemical weapons by the Saddam Hussein regime, killing and injuring tens of thousands of Kurds. The defendants knowingly and intentionally constructed, supplied and weaponized nerve and mustard gas for the Saddam regime, continuing to supply such unlawful weapons from at least 1984 to 1988, while the regime was conducting its genocidal campaigns.


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