Halabja Victims’ “AMA” Makes Reddit’s Front Page

Two survivors of Saddam Hussein’s 1988 chemical weapons attack on Halabja, Aras Abid Akram and Mardin Mahmood Fatah, participated in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) to tell their story and answer questions from the Reddit community about the lawsuit.

The conversation was up-voted by Reddit users to Reddit’s front page and remained there for nearly a day, drawing attention to the survivors’ stories and creating a lot of conversation around the topic.

case overview

MM-Law leads a multi-national team of lawyers to represent victims of the 1988 chemical weapons attach on the city of Halabja located in the Kurdish region of Iraq. These attacks were ordered by Suddam Hussein, but hundreds of large European corporations knowingly consented and assisted in the attack and made money off the genocide.

Today, the death toll of this attack is still rising, with many victims still suffering from the effects of the chemicals used in the attack. The goal of the Complaint filed on behalf of the victims is to present the corporations’ guilt in their part of the attack and hold them accountable for their actions. For more information, please read the full complaint below.